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Our mission:

CUSPP (Coalition of Undocumented Scholars and Professionals in Psychology) is designed to bring together undocumented students, scholars, and practitioners interested in or working in all areas of psychology. The group is currently composed of 10 members from various U.S. institutions. 

Despite efforts to improve the representation of undocumented psychologists, we continue to face a number of challenges (e.g., unfavorable institutional, state, and federal policies). Due to threats associated with public disclosure, many undocumented psychologists also face immense challenges connecting with one another. CUSPP hopes to address these challenges and develop one of psychology’s less visible—and highly underserved—communities.

Our goals:

  • Build a collaborative community of undocumented students, scholars, and practitioners in psychology,
  • Discuss research pertaining to undocumented communities and tackle challenges that uniquely affect our community,
  • Highlight the contributions made by undocumented researchers in our field,
  • Share and develop resources and programming to address the pressing needs of our community,
  • Influence and effect systemic and social change.

We aim to meet these goals through hosting research conferences (e.g., Mini-Conference for Undocumented Psychologists), professional development sessions (e.g., Webinars on How to Apply to Graduate School), and networking opportunities (e.g., Weekly CUSPP Meetings, Guest Speaker Series). We hope to create a centralized source of information that can help undocumented psychologists connect with one another while addressing some of their personal challenges in pursuing a career in psychology.